It’s not Just Oud

It has a number of fantastic players that have helped to propel the instrument even further into the spotlight.  Each musician brings their own style and flair of playing to the instrument, and because of this, they have a huge amount of followers and admirers.  We can learn a lot about the Oud and, in particular, about the diversity of music that is played on the Oud by listening to some of the most famous players of the instrument.  These musicians help keep the legacy of the Oud alive and for many people, they are the main reason why a certain person has begun learning the Oud.

It has been adapted all over the Arabic and Middle Eastern world.  With this, there have been so many different players with their own unique styles that have helped to make the Oud famous. In the quest for the best sound possible, Oud players searched for ways to improve their sound. One of Farid Al-Atrash’s famous trademarks is an Oud pick made of a real eagle’s feather!  If you are an aspiring Oud player then read on and take some time to check out these fantastic players who we will be discussing down below.

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