Hamid Ghorbanzade is a luthier (Oud maker) from Iran based in London. He started his career since 1998 under the supervision of two well-known master luthiers in Iran, Maestro Mohammad Taghi Arafati and Maestro Mohammad Rafi Ash’ari. He then started his profession as an Oud maker and concentrated on his career.

Following his enthusiasm, he began to play Oud since 2003 under the supervision of Maestro Mohammad Firouzi, one of Iranian professional Oud players.

Hamid received a certificate in 2014 from great Maestro Mansour Nariman who has certified his work and compared it with the best artistic works among Oud makers all over the world.

Hamid has been invited to several exhibitions such as Handmade Instruments, (Tehran- 2015) and The First Oud Festival (Shiraz-2018).

Hamid Ghorbanzade has been researching and constructing Oud for about over 20 years and his handmade instruments have been exported to more than 9 countries.