Wittner pegs

Unfortunately, Oud pegs are still built as they were built in previous centuries. These pegs (commonly made of Ebony) have a simple mechanism and low accuracy. They also become non-ideal over time and weather changes and their accuracy decreases which makes the oudist send the Oud to a luthier for regulation occasionally.

To solve this problem, Wittner pegs are recommended. تنه متصل به سیم در این گوشی ها، به ازای هر 4 دور چرخیدن سر گوشی، یک دور میچرخد و به نوازنده این امکان را میدهد که ساز را به سرعت و با دقت کافی کوک کند. Their appearance is also similar to the traditional Ebony pegs.