* All Ouds are made with neck length 19.5 and string length 58.5 currently. templates for other scales will be designed soon..

*Bowls, necks and peg boxes are made of Walnut or Maple, tops made of Spruce or Cedar and finger boards made of Rose wood or Ebony. If desired, other materials can be used (if available).

* ساز ها به صورت 10، 11، 12 و 13 سیم ساخته می شوند.

* The Ouds are currently made in two two templates, standard and small bowl (قالب کوچک برای 12 و 13 سیم توصیه نمیشود).

* All Ouds are equipped with Action adjustment system by default (non-adjustable necks can be made, too).

* If desired Wittner pegs will be used instead of Ebony pegs(recommended).